Dr. Bharat S Mody

The last century has witnessed explosive advances in all fields of medicine and healthcare delivery. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the average longevity and quality of human life. In the early years the results of healthcare delivery depended heavily on the skills and diagnostic judgement of the treating doctor, without much help from technology. The patient-doctor relationship was intense and emotive.

With the quantum jump in technology doctors today have an incredible range of equipment and machines to help them in their diagnosis and treatment of a patient. Whilst this has certainly improved patient outcomes, it has also resulted in an increasing dependence on the use of investigations by the doctor fraternity. A side effect of this trend has been a mechanical approach to patient-doctor interaction, and therefore relationship. The emotive bond, which was considered sacrosanct in the previous era, today lies in tatters. This is sad, and in my opinion, definitely avoidable.

A hospital should be a stage where technology meets emotion, and it is this happy confluence which should form the basis of modern day patient treatment. This is My Credo, and it is my promise as well that Welcare Hospital will deliver on this Credo.

We promised to take care… and delivered

  • "The service in Welcare Hospital equals and most of the time exceeds the service in hospitals in Europe and America"
    Sima Afcari Knee replacement patient from Mombasa
  • "Dr. Mody is truly a professional man who is a credit to his field of speciality. It is a pleasure and honour to have trusted my life with him."
    Mr. Sitiveni Rabuka EX-PM, Fiji Islands
  • "I could not have made a better decision than getting my knee replacement done by Dr. Mody. It is a huge success and my friends are astounded to see the result!"
    Wendy Kherlopian South African patient from Lusaka